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Pascal Billotet Unleashes a Sonic Journey with Latest Album 'Discover My Youth' Pascal Billotet, the visionary electronic music artist, has unveiled his latest musical masterpiece, 'Discover My Youth,' an electrifying exploration into the realms of electronic vibes, disco, and funky beats. This album promises to transport listeners through a captivating sonic journey, blending elements of electronica, synth, and vintage sounds in a seamless fusion of nostalgia and modernity. 'Discover My Youth' marks a significant milestone in Pascal Billotet's musical career, showcasing his innovative approach to electronic music. The album captures the essence of youth, weaving together intricate melodies, pulsating beats, and soul-stirring rhythms that resonate with fans of electronic and retro music alike. Crossworld Vintage is part of Crossworlder Music Ltd. with house, soulful house & vocal house.

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We would like to thank the artists of the downloads as well as their positive comments and also the label Crossworlder Music LTD, as well as all the people who supported me, my manager Manon, my children, my friends....: Hagane Shizuka, Dan Corsi, Glenn Friscia, Dj Kato, Djbryant, Gf Frederic Garin, Sergio Matina, Monsieur Cortez, Musicbox Dj, Nick Da Cruz, Pietro Gagilostro, Dj Rim- K, HI, Dj Steve Delight, Elreyalto, Tendenzia, Andrey Kurchenko, Dj Gianni N, Mark Prades, Pete Ward Awesome 3, Dj Vuish, Frisco Taibo, Pablo Prado (Paul Nova), Franco Tejedor, Clint Dantinne, Jay Tuned, Dj Casanova, Tom Cotter, Some Guy Called Earl, Stefano Cal, Neurounderground, Richie Hawtin , Jan Urban, El Marco, Gaty Lopez, Lars behrenroth, Kiss Fm, Michele Parisi, Cristian varela, Dj louie Torres, Dj Elias, Enzo Sorrentino, Richie Fingers, Queemose, Dimitri Avgeros, Marc Schett, Dj Feio And Dj Salla, Tjerk , Danny Echi, Chris Lee, Joseph Capriati, Paco osuna, Marco Carola, Yuuoz, Geniusd, Stefan Lange, Marc Vandergucht, Chad Jackson.........

Release Date: July 05, 2024
Label : Crossback Records
Catalogue : CRB


1°) Tell My Why ◊ feat. Janis L. ◊ original mix
2°) Tell My Why ◊ instrumental mix
3°) Ouah Funk ◊ original mix

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